Alfred workflow

Sometimes I like to play with lines of code (mainly scripting, not real coding) and to make useful things to win some time.

I am a particular fan of Alfred for mac and from time to time I like to do my own workflows. This is the first I share with the world. Feel free to download it and tweak it (it’s far from perfect!).

This workflow can have four different actions :

  • Create a new Writer Pro document (keyword: nwwp)
  • Create a new Axure document (keyword: nwax)
  • Create a new MindNode Pro document (keyword: nwmp)
  • Create a new Word document (keywod: nwword)

I’ve been trying to make it work with Pixelmator without success. Ideas?

Download the “New Document” workflow

Day 8 of iLife. Another one bites the dust

  • Evernote with Notes ‹- Gone
  • Fantastical with Calendar ‹- Gone
  • Downcast with Podcasts
  • Chrome with Safari
  • Wunderlist with Reminders ‹- Gone
  • Camera+ with Camera ‹- GONE
  • TinyVox with Voice Memos
  • Yahoo weather with Weather
  • Flipboard with Newsstand ‹- Gone

Since upgrading to iOS 7 I have a bug: camera cannot remember I want my photos in HDR mode. Is it a bug or is it to prevent duplicate from newbie users? In any case, it’s gone and Camera + is back in town.

Day 4 of iLife. Surviving the cut

Today not only all apps survived, but also one app kicked some appy butt: Camera. 

So far I’ve been using Kitcam because it is great both as a camera and as a photo editor, with a simple mode (filters and vignettes) but also an advanced mode which other cameras lack.

But today I had to take some pictures fast (I was cycling to work) and only Camera app could do the job.

Given that it is easily accessible even from the lock screen on iOS 7, it remains the fastest way to take a picture on the iPhone. 

So, at least for my photo taking, I will remain with the default app. I’ve decided to do my photo editing later using Pixlr or Kitcam itself. 

So kudos to the camer app!

Day 3 of iLife. Everyone survived

Although Podcasts almost goes down, in the end I decided to give it a second chance. Being a Mexican ex-pat in Paris, I use my podcasts mainly on the move: while travelling to Mexico and while travelling on the bus or métro here in Paris.If you’ve to Paris and ridden its subway, you probably know it can get noisy and crowded, so a good volume is essential to listen to your music and podcasts. 

Downcast allows me to adjust the volume of each podcast individually (to boost the volume or to down it a little bit) in order to have a better listening experience. I use this feature thoroughly in the app because some podcasters are quite loud (mostly Americans) and some are very quiet (mostly German and French).

The problem with Podcasts is that this cannot be done directly on the app. To achieve it, you have to sync your podcasts with iTunes (desktop) and directly on iTunes, modify the volume. It will then be affected in Podcasts. But it’s been ages since my last iTunes backup, so I was quite disappointed of not being able to do this on the app.

I’ll keep using it on the go, but for now, they have all survived. A recap:

  • Evernote with Notes ‹- Gone
  • Fantastical with Calendar ‹- Gone
  • Downcast with Podcasts
  • Chrome with Safari
  • Wunderlist with Reminders ‹- Gone
  • Camera+ with Camera
  • TinyVox with Voice Memos
  • Yahoo weather with Weather
  • Flipboard with Newsstand ‹- Gone

Day 2 of iLife. Who’s going next?


Podcasts has been doing a great job so far letting me listen the news in German, English and French. But for my Mexican news, I don’t like to listen to podcasts (no Mexican podcast is good enough) but to read the news: Let’s test Newsstand. 

And… it’s gone!

First, I had a hard time looking for “Newsstand-only” items. By default the App Store app searches for “all categories”, and even if I change the category, it resets itself to “all”.

So I’ve looked for my favorite Mexican newspaper: El Universal, but it’s nowhere to be seen in Newsstand. So I tried with Der Spiegel, so I could practice my German, but I ended downloading their iPad App. Then I decided that surely The Guardian should have an iPad version. I was right, but it’s a paying option (first 14 issues free).

Do not misundestand me. I believe in paying for stuff like news, music or films, but if I can have something for free, I will (designer salaries are not precisely high). So, in the Flipboard vs. Newsstand, I prefer Flipboard because it uses Twitter feeds, which are free, instead of dedicated versions of newspapers, which are paying.

Why? Because information is almost the same and it suits my informational needs. So, this is not only a Newsstand problem, but also a content strategy problem. Newspapers, like The Guardian, should be aware of that and start giving some tangible added value to their paying products.


Now it’s the turn of reminders, and it failed its first use.

Why? Because of two things: First, I cannot create recurring tasks; Second, I cannot share it with my wife (Windows user).

The first issue is the most important because I use Wunderlist to create a recurring task every Friday afternoon reminding me to do my “Todo time”, where I review my work of the week and I prepare my next week. 

The second issue is not as problematic for me, as I can manage my tasks without sharing them, but still, it is something I cannot do even with other iOS users!

Update: Apparently yes, I can share it with other iOS users, but I can’t seem to make it work. In the image below: No “broadcast” icon is seen in sight.


See my last post to see how Calendar and Notes went down