Staying motivated as a designer

These days I’ve been confronted very often to the 10-million-dollar question: How to stay motivated to do your job.

There is not a single, simple and definitive answer to that question. But I’ve been talking to a few people about the subject and there are some recurring themes I’ve found, based on the person profile.

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Alfred workflow

Sometimes I like to play with lines of code (mainly scripting, not real coding) and to make useful things to win some time.

I am a particular fan of Alfred for mac and from time to time I like to do my own workflows. This is the first I share with the world. Feel free to download it and tweak it (it’s far from perfect!).

This workflow can have four different actions :

  • Create a new Writer Pro document (keyword: nwwp)
  • Create a new Axure document (keyword: nwax)
  • Create a new MindNode Pro document (keyword: nwmp)
  • Create a new Word document (keywod: nwword)

I’ve been trying to make it work with Pixelmator without success. Ideas?

Download the “New Document” workflow

Day 8 of iLife. Another one bites the dust

  • Evernote with Notes ‹- Gone
  • Fantastical with Calendar ‹- Gone
  • Downcast with Podcasts
  • Chrome with Safari
  • Wunderlist with Reminders ‹- Gone
  • Camera+ with Camera ‹- GONE
  • TinyVox with Voice Memos
  • Yahoo weather with Weather
  • Flipboard with Newsstand ‹- Gone

Since upgrading to iOS 7 I have a bug: camera cannot remember I want my photos in HDR mode. Is it a bug or is it to prevent duplicate from newbie users? In any case, it’s gone and Camera + is back in town.